Web Design

Our team have a wealth of experience in web design and maintenance; specifically specialising in Wix & Shopify platforms. Whether you wish to build a brand new website, redesign and modernise your existing site, add in automations and integrations or need issues fixing on your site, The Wise Owl can help. 

Why Hire A Designer Instead Of Doing It Myself? 

  • A web designer will be able to create a website much faster, especially if you are a busy person or not au fait with computer tech.

  • If you have a vision of what you want your website to look like, a designer can help bring this to life for you, often in a beautifully-enhanced way.

  • A designer can go way beyond the simple templates offered on basic building platforms, meaning you can achieve a more complex, bespoke and impressive site.

  • Designers are able to create and manipulate your SEO settings, helping bring your site higher up on Google’s rankings.

  • Designers are capable of completing smart techniques like integrating programmes with your site and setting up automations, which will save you time in the long run.

  • Often, designers provide aftercare and support, so that if something goes wrong or you need to make amendments, a designer can fix this quickly and efficiently for you.

Investing in a web designer may seem like an expensive decision - but the increased likelihood of success and the ROI you are likely to receive far outweighs the initial cost!