Social Media Strategies for Success

Do you struggle with posting regularly on social media? Can you never seem to find the time, or are you stuck for words? If social media isn’t your strong point, we definitely recommend investing in some expert social media marketing support.

Why do I need to use social media?

Social media is a totally FREE form of advertising. It provides you with a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products/services and elevate your brand above key competitors – so don’t miss out on the potential for all that extra business!

Which social media platforms should I use?

With various social media platforms out there, it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be best for your business. Here at The Wise Owl, we personally use Facebook and Instagram, as they best suit our business model.

The most popular platforms include:

  • LinkedIn – great for B2B marketing and connecting with viable business prospects

  • Facebook – a very popular platform that is great for B2C, allowing you to reach a wide and varied audience

  • Instagram – a visual platform that is particularly useful for more creative businesses with stunning imagery

  • Twitter – best used for B2C to increase your following; but be aware of the 280-character limit!

  • Pinterest – another visual platform that is best suited to more quirky and artsy businesses

Our Top Tips for Social Media Success

  • Keep your post copy short and sweet. Social media users often have a short attention span, so it’s vitally important to reel them in using as few words as possible.

  • Ensure your posts contain high-quality imagery. It’s no good posting low-res images that you have taken on your outdated phone – invest in a good camera and dedicate lots of time to taking photos.

  • Include your logo within all your posts. This will make your brand appear more professional and memorable, as well as preventing anyone from stealing your images!

  • Ensure that you always stick to the same branding within your social media posts and stories. Use the same colours, fonts and style within all content you produce.

  • Post content on a regular basis. You don’t want to post too little or too often, as you want to remind your customers that you exist but not annoy them! We personally recommend 3 posts per week for small businesses that are new to social media or wish to develop their profiles, as this allows you to regularly interact without needing to source lots of content and photos.

  • Decide on a new focus each month. Don’t just regurgitate the same content over and over again; mix it up to promote different products and/or services each month.

Personalised Social Media Strategies from The Wise Owl

The Wise Owl can help develop your business’ brand across multiple social media platforms. With a strong background in copywriting and marketing, our team are highly-skilled in the creation of precise and engaging social media copy, as well as producing visually-striking branded imagery.

So, why not invest in some quality social media marketing support? We offer a variety of tailored packages, specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Give us a to request your FREE social media consultation today.

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