A Quality Website is Vital for Business Success

Updated: Mar 2

Many start-up businesses rely on word of mouth in order to reach new clients. Often, business owners do not realise the value of a company website, putting it off due to the cost, time and effort involved. Here at The Wise Owl, we believe that a quality website is fundamental to business success.

Why should I invest in a website?

Most people look for information via Google or other search engines – they want to find the information they need, and fast. If your business does not appear on Google searches, you could be missing out on a whole lot of business!

By having a website, you can easily showcase your company’s services and/or products, and give people a feel for your business. Your website should display essential information, such as your business name, contact details, service area and type. You can easily direct people to the information they will need with separate pages, so you no longer need to spend lots of time answering individual FAQs. Showcase client recommendations with a “testimonials” page, or impart free advice and support – the possibilities are endless!

Possible website features:

  • Booking tools – take payments for calls, services and classes

  • Enquiry forms – allows customers to contact you directly

  • Automated responses – offer e-books or downloadable information sheets to customers

  • Subscriber forms – allows customers to sign up to your email list

  • Social media buttons – link directly to your company social media pages

  • System integration – if you’re after something even smarter, websites can be designed to talk to other systems so that invoices or appointment confirmations are automatically generated and sent to clients

… and so much more!

How do I get a website?

You can choose to go it alone or hire a specialist web designer. If you’re a tech whizz and know your way around back-end systems, providers like Wix and Squarespace offer you the platform to create your own site. BUT if you’re a bit of a “technophobe” and would rather not spend hours on end trying to master a new skill, why not hire a professional? By enlisting their services, you are free to concentrate on running your business and earn (more than likely) a higher rate than you are paying the designer.

Web Design with The Wise Owl

Hiring a professional to design your website may seem like a substantial investment; however, the return on investment greatly outweighs the initial cost. Here at The Wise Owl, our professional team are experts in the design and development of top-class websites, helping you drive traffic and increase sales. All our websites are optimised across multiple devices, ensuring the best possible user experience across all platforms.

The Wise Owl is committed to helping you throughout your business journey. Please get in touch today to request a FREE, no obligation quote.

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