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Drive Website Traffic with Wise Designs & Copywriting

Want to increase your website traffic and reduce the bounce rate? Unfortunately, just having a website isn’t enough these days; it is vitally important to invest in an expert ongoing support strategy, to ensure your website is successfully reaching your ideal customer base…

How can I increase my website traffic?

An increase in website traffic ultimately leads to an increase in sales; so, it is certainly worth ensuring your site climbs up the Google rankings and can be easily found by your target audience.

Below are some easy steps you can complete to help drive traffic to your website:

  • Ensure your website is indexed properly with Google.

  • Sign up to Google My Business and fill in all relevant information.

  • Maximise your SEO by creating fresh, regular content that reflects your business i.e. uploading monthly blogs, altering photos and updating content.

  • Ensure your site includes relevant key words and phrases that individuals may search for via Google.

  • If you are investing in specialist web design services, ask your web designer if they can improve your SEO settings. If not, get in touch with a marketing specialist to help you get the ball rolling!

Increasing website traffic should always go hand-in-hand with managing your bounce rate; after all, once you welcome a new user to the site, you want them to stay and explore for a while...

How can I reduce my bounce rate?

Definition: Bounce rate refers to the number of users that leave your website after visiting just one page.

  • Mobile Optimisation – things have changed dramatically over the last decade, with mobile website traffic increasing from 3.8% in 2010 to nearly 50% in 2020 (according to Therefore, it is vitally important to optimise your site for mobile viewers; ensuring your content is legible, logical and easy to navigate.

  • Loading Time – with an increase in mobile traffic comes a greater emphasis on page loading time. Users want information, and they want it fast; if your pages are slow to load, users will navigate away from the site and find the information elsewhere. To help minimise your load time, you should reduce the size of your photos, keep content relatively short and concise, and avoid overloading the pages with content.

  • Fresh & Current – make sure your website reflects current times and trends; there’s nothing worse than a website that looks as if it was built donkeys’ years ago! All your hard work that is spent on driving traffic could be for nothing if users are turned off by the initial design and content on your site.

  • Clear Mission Statement – include a clear, yet simple, explanation of who you are, what you do and how you can help your audience. Your audience needs to be sure about your business offering before deciding to purchase from you.

  • On-Point Signposting – incorporating a clear call to action for your users will help convert them from casual window shoppers to paying customers. If they’re not sure of what to do next, they will most likely hit the back button!

How can social media help drive website traffic?

Social media is a totally FREE platform for you to shout about your business – so, if you’re not already on social media, get yourself on there pronto! Connecting with users via these platforms can help build trust in your brand and encourage your audience to seek further information about your services.

In order to reach your ideal target audience, you need to post interesting, relevant content on a regular basis. Make sure you take the time to look over your account analytics – this will allow you to streamline your social media strategy and alter your approach, to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Wise Designs & Copywriting from The Wise Owl

Here at The Wise Owl, our team are highly-experienced in the design and development of micro and small business websites, helping you to drive website traffic and ultimately increase sales. All of our websites are optimised for mobile usage, ensuring the best possible user experience across all platforms.

Whether you need a brand-new website, wish to overhaul your existing site or require help increasing website traffic, give us a We offer FREE consultations to small business owners everywhere – get in touch today to discover how we can help support your business.

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