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Benefits of Hiring a VA vs a Full-Time Employee

Definition: A Virtual Assistant (often referred to as a VA) is an individual who provides support services to other businesses/individuals via digital technology.

Need some additional help and support with your business operations? Many business owners believe that employing someone full-time is the only way forwards; but what happens if you don’t understand payroll and taxes and all that complicated stuff? Full-time employees require sick and holiday pay, and if business goes quiet (a very real worry at the moment due to covid-19) you may be unable to afford your staff.

That’s where a VA comes in! A Virtual Assistant can take on any excess and/or unwanted work on an ad-hoc basis, saving you a whole lot of time and stress…

Why Hire a VA?

  • Specialisation – VAs specialise in a whole range of tasks, meaning you can hire an expert in the required field.

  • Flexibility – VAs can often complete work out-of-hours, especially if they are based in a different time zone. Anything is possible in the online world!

  • No long-term commitments needed – You can choose to work with a VA for as little or as long as you wish. No need to worry about complicated contracts or legal agreements.

  • No need to sort out tax and payroll – VAs are usually self-employed and will manage their own taxes. All you need to do is pay their invoices on time!

  • No sickness or holiday pay needed – As stated above, many VAs are self-employed and are therefore responsible for their own income during sickness and holidays.

  • Ad-Hoc Tasks – You can hire a VA to complete tasks on an ad-hoc basis. You just need to agree the hours and scope of the project with the VA beforehand.

  • Quality – VAs understand the importance of completing fantastic work in order to make their clients happy. With the right VA, you are guaranteed to get high-quality results.

  • No training costs – VAs are raring and ready to go!

Part-Time Employee vs VA

Of course, if you want to cut costs, it makes sense to hire someone on a part-time basis rather than full-time. However, you will still have to deal with the hassle of ongoing overheads, equipment, training, taxes, holiday pay and sick pay. On top of all that, you may be limited to hiring someone local who wishes to only work part-time hours, which may dramatically reduce both the quantity and quality of available candidates.

VAs can be hired from anywhere around the world, which vastly improves the pool of talent available to you. Most Virtual Assistants work with more than one client, making it far easier to hire a skilled worker on a part-time basis. If you’re unsure, you can always hire a VA for a short period, and gradually increase their hours over time.

Expert Virtual Assistance from The Wise Owl

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