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Copywriting: Writing text for advertising or marketing purposes i.e. blogs, website copy.

SEO: The practice of increasing website traffic through organic search results i.e. Google.

The Wise Owl provides a wide range of copywriting & SEO support, ensuring your website stands out amongst the competition.

We offer expert website copywriting, SEO support to improve Google rankings, and blog writing. The level of input is up to you; you can either provide us with website copy to tweak and upload, or we can write the copy completely from scratch. All websites within our standard packages will benefit from basic SEO support, such as updating meta tags and page descriptions - but if you would like more extensive support, our advanced SEO work involves extensive keyword research and creating hidden pages to help you get found on Google.

Some of our recent clients below... 

Moonrise Lodges

Fostings Alpacas

Hush Hush Glamping

Certainty One

Redbrick Barn

Exe Valley Weddings

Exe Valley Glamping

Reeth Holiday Cottages

Pet Behaviour Clinic

The Bookworm's Fantasy

Dream Seal

The Wise Owl

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What is the process?

1. FREE 30-minute consultation over telephone or video call to gather a background of your business and discuss how we can help support you. 2. We create a marketing strategy and plan for your business. 3. On approval of the plan, we begin work and check in with you to approve content. 4. We go live with the content and begin building your business' online presence. 5. You breathe a sigh of relief at your shortened to-do list!

Why should I hire a Copywriter?

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a Copywriter is a worthwhile investment:

  • A Copywriter will be able to craft high-quality copy much more efficiently and successfully than most other businesspeople.
  • Copywriters understand how to tailor content to suit different mediums and appeal to specific audiences i.e. blogs, websites, newsletters, social media.
  • Copywriters are able to manipulate and amend your web content so that it appears higher on Google rankings.
  • Copywriters are also very good researchers, and are specifically trained to research and craft content on any given topic.
  • Often, Copywriters offer ongoing support with aspects such as blogs, newsletters and social media, ensuring that your business consistently pushes out quality content.

Investing in a Copywriter may seem like an expensive decision; but the increased likelihood of success and the ROI you are likely to receive far outweighs the initial cost!

What is a Copywriter?

A Copywriter is a specialist writer that creates content specifically for marketing purposes. The copy (text) is designed to encourage readers to take action and invest in products/services. A Copywriter's role can include:

  • Researching and writing of high-quality copy across website pages.
  • ​ Proofreading, copyediting, amending and rewriting website content.​
  • ​ Ongoing website updates i.e. creating additional content, producing regular blogs.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of increasing website traffic through organic search results i.e. Google. Basic SEO techniques involve including keywords within website copy and customising page URLs and captions, so that search engines are more likely to show your website within search results.

Wise Owl Facebook Cover (2).png
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